Shopify Theme Setup Service


Top Shopify Theme Setup Service

Many customers begin a Shopify trial and become stuck at a specific point while setting up their store. We're here to assist you with getting your theme up and running. Many settings, locations to add artwork, font choices, places to map your navigation, and in certain cases, special code that needs to be inserted to certify your website are available in your theme. We handle the entire procedure and get you up and running quickly.

Our Shopify custom theme design starts from fresh and builds on your individual business and brand for unique functionality and features. The advantages to your company include seamless business integration, a better connection with the targeted audience, in-depth rival site analysis and information collecting to remain ahead of the competition and power a unique brand.

So you've decided on a new Shopify theme for your business. You adored the demo, which featured stunning artwork, a flawless layout, and all of the functionality you desired. You eagerly install the theme, only to discover... Placeholder graphics abound, as do pages and pages of confusing settings and options, as well as infinite help articles to read. Isn't that not what you had in mind? We've got a solution for you! Our theme installation services will swiftly get you up and running with any theme. We'll set up all of your options, optimize your photographs, create a stunning home page, and more.

Advantage of setting theme with us

Mindfulness. When you pay us to set up your Shopify store, you get all of this. Anyone can fill in a few selections, but our knowledge in crucial areas like search engine optimization, appropriate design flow, image optimization to reduce load times, and obtaining the best design and layout to convert your visitors into buyers gives us a distinct advantage.

It all starts with a well-designed and appealing home page. Simply tell us about your goals, values, and competitors, and we'll give recommendations to help you grow your business. All photographs will be professionally optimized to ensure that they look their best and load quickly.

We care about your success and want to make sure you're ready to take over the site once we're finished. As a result, each setup task includes an hour of phone training, theme customization time, or product production time. We'll show you the ropes so you may continue on your path to success. So, what exactly are you waiting for? Get started right away!

Our Shopify Theme Development Process

Our technical staff can handle Shopify Theme Development proColojects that are complicated, multi-technology, and multi-disciplinary. Simply employ a Shopify theme developer to theme setup your company's needs.

  • Project Requirement – Provide us your exact theme design related requirement.
  • UI/UX Design – Our designing team will start creating interactive and eye-catching UI/UX for your theme.
  • Theme Development – Our Shopify experts will start development of theme based on UI/UX approved by our customers.
  • Testing & Quality Assurance – Our QA team will check the development work and provide bug free solution to our clients.
List of included items in Theme Setup
  • Logo – We are adding attractive and fit to size logo. It will go better with your header and navigation elements.
  • Colors – We are utilizing attractive color combination that goes well with your branding.
  • Typography – We include best fonts that can readable to the end users.
  • Navigations - We design and improve your navigation menus so that customers can find their way around quickly.
  • Footer – We add best elements to make your footer attractive like social media icons, menus and newsletter signups etc.
How It's Work

Our Working Process


Requirement Gathering

We firstly deal in analyzing the requirements of our clients, comprehend their needs and propose solutions.


UI/UX Design

Our Team will create eye-catching design for your website.


Theme Setup


Quality Assurance

As said earlier test is important, so we test the website and check its competency and see to it that they are bug free.



o Lastly we make sure that we take a final approval from our client and ensure deployment to the Google play store.